Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homemaking: Laundry

In keeping with our Cinderella Raising Homemakers agenda, I’ve been working with Esmé on doing laundry.  She’s been trained to sort dirty clothes by dark/light.

She can also sort clean clothes by small/large - a very important distinction.  She then attempts to fold the small clothes, or gets distracted playing sock sorting games.

The biggest success lately was doing the handwashing.  I tend to save up the hand washables for a once-a-month or less washing.  And I’ve put her on to this enormous task, being the lazy mother seeing as it’s on her level and all.
P1020541 (2)

She doesn’t seem to mind one bit.
P1020545 (2)

We’re all about happy homemaking here, we are!   

And that's river water in the tub, in case you're wondering why it looks muddy...  Or something like that.  Do I really have to explain? 



ShEiLa said...

I guess I am terrible... I will just wash my hand washables in cold in my gentle washer machine setting then hang to dry.

These are extra cute... you are a good Mommy to Miss Esme. Lucky girl!


Pamela said...

work is fun? who'da thunk?