Monday, May 23, 2011

We Play

As I’ve mentioned, everything seems to be going by in a blur lately – I wasn’t sure we’d actually done any play in the last week!  Even my trusty camera has very little recorded on it…  Here’s the little I found…

A birthday party at the local Jungle Jump – a very cool place that inspires lots of active play!
P1030696 (2)

Some outdoor fun with a BFF that included making a salad of flowers, leaves, and grass, as well as inspecting a yellowjacket up close:
P1030702 (2)
P1030716 (2)

And some petal counting at church…
P1030737 (2)

There’s been more play – I know there has!  But if it’s not on the camera, it’s probably not going to be remembered – at least until I catch up on sleep.

What kind of play have you been up to lately?


TheRockerMom said...

Oh, I would have freaked out about the yellow jacket. I have an irrational fear of yj/wasps/hornets/scorpions. Yuck! I still think it's cool to make a close inspection.

Great photos, btw!! :)