Thursday, August 15, 2013

V is for Vibrant

Dear Miss Esmé,
You are vibrant.
Pulsing or throbbing with energy, activity, life, vigor.
Such a positive-sounding word.
Much better than, “I get tired just looking at you,” which is also true.
Only you can take a simple event like eating a snack of grapes and turn it into a chipmunk dramatization of immense proportions.
Only you can go around the world two times (both literally and metaphorically) on your way from the living room to the bathroom to brush your teeth.  And then to the moon and back before you make it to bed.
Only you debate with the wildlife trainers on whether a porcupine might not have quills, and then “create” a whole elaborate porcupine species of your own that doesn’t have quills.  When all they wanted you to do is paste your paper quills onto your paper porcupine craft and go with the flow.
Nothing gets you down for more than a moment, little girl.  You keep moving and creating and breathing life into everything around you, making even the inanimate objects bounce and spin.  A pattern of your own Creator.

The energy of happiness is vibrant. Let in the excitement life wants to bring you. It's all here! Waken and feel joy.

~Ritu Ghatourey

I love you, my amazing, beautiful, clever, dilly-dallying, energized, following, grace-filled, hidden, indomitable, Jericho-miracle, kidlet, loved, mirroring, named, one-of-a-kind, poor, quicksilvery, ransomed, snuggling, tough, useful, vibrant baby girl!
Your dizzy Mom
Each birthday, I write a letter to my baby girl.  This year, the year of the amazing 56-year-mark, I’ll be working from A to Z.