Wednesday, May 21, 2008

55+? Help!

Esmé's Mommy here:

I am still recovering from a very traumatic moment here. Yesterday I was shopping at Ross, which has a 10% for seniors discount on Tuesdays. So as I was checking out, the cashier asked me in all seriousness if I was 55 or older.

There's nothing wrong with looking 55 if you are. But I am not even 35 yet (not quite). I've had my fingers crossed since then, hoping no one asks if Esmé is my granddaughter. I keep checking the mirror to try to understand the question.

(If you're wondering what I look like, admittedly there are few photos of me on this blog, primarily since I am usually behind the camera. The most recent one is 2nd to last at the end of this previous blog, with my parents and Esmé.)

Moving on . . . I'm sitting in the lobby of the Eagle Crest hotel, since this is the only building on the resort with wireless network access. And this explains why I haven't been blogging much lately - we are in the furthest condo from the hotel, and I have to trek across miles of golf course to get here, dodging gopher holes and goose poop and wild critters like this 5-foot beauty, who decided to park in the turnaround in front of our condo:

Esmé is sleeping in her stroller (my gamble that a walk would put her to sleep paid off!), and dear husband is playing golf. It is a cold breezy day, but the game benefits the Boys and Girls Club, so sacrifices must be made, you know.

And that is life here in the Northwest US. Now I'm going to check on a few blogs in the few moments while baby is still sleeping. My poor Google Reader has been registering 1000+ items for several weeks now.


Summer said...

Well I saw that post you linked to and don't think you look anywhere near 55. But you must remember, adults always look so much older to kids and youth. I find myself even now looking at teenagers and thinking, "they can't be more than 14" when actually they're seniors in High School or something.

To answer your question, I don't know anybody who has done anything but formula or whole milk upon weaning. Sorry I can't help you there.

jess said...

I wouldn't take it personally, they might have a store policy about asking everyone or it was just a clerk who'd gotten yelled at earlier in the day by a cranky senior citizen for not asking.

I doubt it could have anything to do with the way you look, you could NOT be anywhere near 55!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jess - it was probably someone who didn't bother to even look you in the eye and SEE YOU - just someone busy about their job concerned that they needed to ask certain questions. You definitely look your age or younger, not any older - trust me! Just shrug it off into the 'to be forgotten quickly' file and chalk it up to one of those oblivious folks out there who doesn't really connect with people well. Enjoy your age and just think - you still have at least 20 years to go before you need to answer that question in the affirmative!! Now me - as you well know - I am 10 years closer...! :) Esme will keep you looking and feeling young for a long time - even to the visual assessments of most of the 'normal' people out there! Luv U! Susan

ShackelMom said...

Nah, no way do you look like a senior citizen! Figure it is store policy to ask everyone not obviously a teenager...

Eagle Crest! We have a townhouse in Bend! A lovely place to get a way and relax! I hope you have a great time!