Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa

When I woke up at my Grandpa & Grandma’s, there were lots of toys – big blocks and stuffed animals and cars and dolls to play with. It was wonderful!

My inside clock was all mixed up – I wanted to sleep in the afternoon, and then I was wide awake around midnight. But I still had lots of fun, and Grandma & Grandpa even joined me in my midnight play sessions sometimes.

I celebrated my birthday again! I got a baby doll and a ring set and an animal book! Mommy got a doll that I can look at, too.
There was lots of yummy food to eat. I decided I liked broccoli for the first time. I got to eat Cheerios again, too. Here I am eating pancakes with strawberries:

Grandma let me help clean in the kitchen:
We went shopping with Grandpa, and I got a winter coat. I really liked SOS – there were lots of toys and other kids to play with! (Mommy here: There really wasn’t anything sinister about the doll in the microwave, honest!)
Grandma sang lots of songs for me. Grandpa helped me walk around the garden/yard. I liked to laugh with them. I picked a bouquet of flowers for Mommy as an early Mother’s Day present.
I went to Sabbath School and sang songs about creation.
We went to the beach. There was so much to look at. I really like looking at little things! Daddy played with the settings on our new camera and got some interesting photos.
There was a big ferry boat in the bath tub when I took my bath.

Then on Sunday we had to say goodbye to them. I wanted to stay longer and play with the dolls some more. I miss Grandma & Grandpa.