Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to the USA

After we left Grandpa & Grandma, we took the ferry back to the mainland. Here I am driving the car on the ferry.
I got to walk around outside while we were in line at the border crossing back to the US. It is spring right now, and all the flowers are very pretty. I decided I really like dandelions. Mommy even showed me how to blow the seeds.
Then we got to Burlington and went to my cousins’ school spring fair. Here I am tring out a surf board. It was really scary.

My cousin K. was really good, though. She even won a prize.
We played on the school playground on the monkey bars and slide. I skateboarded a little bit. I really liked the rocks on the playground.
Then we spent the night at my cousins’ house. I got to play with their stuffed animals. I love my cousins!
The next day we drove on to Seattle. Here we are at REI, where I checked out backpacks and bought one with Daddy’s credit card. We went to Goodwill, too, and got a jogging stroller for $40.
In the afternoon we went to the airport and caught our flight to Eugene, OR. Airport security confiscated my play dough. Can someone explain to me how to make an explosive device from play dough? It might come in handy someday when Mommy tries to make me do something I don’t want to. Don't I look really dangerous in my hood?
I tried my trick of poopying my diaper as we boarded the plane to see if it would wait while I got changed, but my timing was just a little off. We had to run to catch the flight, but Mommy got it changed before we boarded the plane.