Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Luxurious Life

My Uncle J picked us up in Eugene and drove us to Roseburg, where we spent Monday night. On Tuesday we got our car and drove to Redmond, OR, where we stayed at Eagle Crest Resort. It was snowing when we drove over the pass – my very first snow – but I was sleeping during it. So does it count?

The resort is in the Oregon High Desert. Right now it is very green and pretty. There was a huge deer on the front lawn when we arrived, and there are lots of geese and goslings. Here’s a photo of the canyon outside our condo.
What a luxurious life – here I am on my big bed and then in a bubble bath.
We went shopping one day – Mommy went to Victoria Secret to get Audra’s wedding present while Daddy and I ate a hot dog. Then we bought me a pair of Ray Bans!
The next day Uncle J came with G and G's mommy Auntie E. Here I am swinging with G. This was my first time alone on a swing – it was fun!
We rode on my skateboard together, too.
On Friday, Daddy and Uncle J played golf. They don’t let kids like me on the course here for liability reasons. That’s dumb. Do they think I’m going to hurt somebody?

Then Mommy went with E to the resort spa to get a massage, facial, and herbal body wrap. They didn’t take me to that either. I did get to go swimming, though.

Then on Sabbath we went to Smith Rock, a world-renown rock climb spot.
Here’s Daddy on the rock:
Everybody got to climb except me. Here I am in my harness climbing the steps, though.
Then we drove back to Roseburg. I was awake this drive and got to see snow, even though it wasn’t snowing.