Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sabbath Sites: Lone Pine Campground

Wow!  Where did September go?!

A few weeks back, when it still felt like summer, we had a church campout at Lone Pine Group Campground, about seven miles from home, across the road from Millpond Recreation Site on Rock Creek.P1100157

A central fire ring for group meetings, a 50-person pavilion for meals, a ball-field area…This is a lusciously green spot, with a lot more than one pine to admire. P1100156

I had every intention of walking around to get decent photos for this post, but Esmé decided to get stung by yellow jackets, which put a crimp in the photography session plans.  She managed to enjoy herself eventually, nonetheless.P1100158

Fortunately I couldn’t photograph the outhouse smell wafting through the pavilion area.  Wind was blowing the wrong direction at times, it seems. 

Did I mention lusciously green?  This type of scenery was everywhere you looked...P1100162

…with lots of rotting logs to dig into, plenty of grubs to eat observe.P1100154

There was a sweetly-paved loop through the camp, allowing parents to sit comfortably at their campsites while observing the kiddos go around, and around…P1100163

…and around.  Only one major bike crash that I’m aware of.P1100167

The camp is pet-friendly, allowing for goat-walking opportunities.1233414_10151664810232712_1113819967_n

There is a 1-mile wheelchair-accessible Sawmill Trail, and Millpond across the way has a playground and accesses a swimming hole in Rock Creek.  (And Millpond has flushable toilets.)

Overall, a beautiful out-of-the-beaten-path camping spot that would be perfect with a couple of showers…