Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mission Sunday: Ten Commandments

Esmé’s class this week was on the topic of the Ten Commandments.  We started the craft time off with a red-light green-light game, initiating the discussion of rules and what life would be like without them.

The kids colored the border on a Ten Commandments printable, and then I laminated it for them to take home.  I used one from; there are a variety of options, including bookmarks.  Here is Esmé’s, not yet laminated because (the story of our lives) she isn’t finished yet…P1100213

Then we did a paper shapes craft.  I printed and pre-cut the small color template of DLTK’s Moses and the Ten Commandments paper craft.  I set out glue sticks, lots of construction paper, and scissors, encouraging the kids to cut various shapes (grass, sun, etc.)  for a background.

This was met with varying degrees of success.  I had hoped by precutting the templates, the kids without scissors skills could at least glue Moses together even if they didn’t do a background.  However, several had difficulty with the glue sticks, and none of them could figure out the order in which to glue the Moses parts on their own. 

And then there is Esmé, who decided to create a pointer hand rather than participate in the craft (also the story of our lives).  So I’ll just show you my demo version of the craft instead of hers.P1100214

I also happened upon a cool origami version of the ten commandments.  When I was prepping ahead of time, Esmé was following along with the folds, but I don’t think most of the 4-6yos in the class would’ve been able to make sense of it, so I didn’t use it in class.  It is pretty simple and probably would fit well in a 7-10yo age group.P1100216


Just wanted to share an article I ran across on Facebook that really struck home for me.  It’s about “Me Time” – one of those things I crave! – and it puts it into perspective.

I used to hear it all the time when we lived in the States (usually when people ran across me in the grocery store with 5, 6, 8 children in tow): "Oh, honey, please take time for yourself!" or "Make sure you get some 'me time,' sweetie! I don't see how you can manage to survive unless you take time alone foryou." And, every now and again (when the littles were whining for something or someone had a naptime breakdown in the middle of a restaurant), that "me time" idea just sounded so good. I mean, what would be wrong with putting me first once in a while? Don't I deserve it? Don't I put in enough hours around here? [click here to read more]

Last but not least, there is an old Gaither song that just keeps going through my head over and over lately – maybe a side effect of turning 40?  I admit to feeling a little embarrassed showing it here – the video makes it even more an “old-timer” song – but the words are sweet and I figure I’ll let it get stuck in someone else’s head by sharing it.  Watch at your own risk! :)