Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fragment: Somber Mood

Original posted December 30, 2007

This morning started on a somber note. Daddy got a phone call from Uncle David saying that the night guard at Daddy's work shop had been murdered and dumped in the water tank, and robbers had taken a vehicle and tools.

So many questions. How could we have prevented this? What other reasonable precautions could have been taken? Are we naïve to pray for the best without preparing for the worst - at what point does preparing for the worst signify a lack of faith? How can robbers balance the value of tools against the value of a life? Mozambique has a low life expectancy due to AIDS and so many other things, and life sometimes seems cheap here; at the least it's easy to become calloused to death. But Mommy says that every person is equally precious to God, no matter where they live or come from. And God has no callouses where His children are concerned... [click here to read the rest]