Monday, September 26, 2011

Poetry: Knocking Those Clichés Out of the Park!

Since we are such poetic folks and all (actually, since we need a lot of help), we decided to check out the 10-week Poetry for Kids course over at Mankato Homeschooling Examiner.  Lesson One:  Cliché Busting!

First we covered the concept of what a cliché is: a saying as outdated and overused as Platypus’s toys (gotta know Platypus by Chris Riddell to catch that Esmé-original)…  This was a little tough, seeing as Esmé’s only got a 4-year use on all the standard clichés.

ShellThe fun part was making up some “fresh” phrases and analogies.  Here are a few we came up with:

  • As resonant as the ocean in a seashell
  • As slimy as seaweed
  • As rough as dad’s beard
  • As white as the stripes on the road
  • As long as Rapunzel’s hair (as in, “Are we almost there?  We’ve been driving as long as Rapunzel’s hair!)
  • As white as Flame’s fur on black pants
  • As necessary as cake at a birthday party
  • A down-the-drain ending
  • As senseless as an echidna playing with balloons
  • As cold as the dark side of the moon
  • As dry as the heel of my foot
  • As good as chocolate (e.g. way better than gold)
  • As dilly-dallying as a child at bedtime (by Mom)
  • As dilly-dallying as a sidetracked mamma on her computer (retorted by Esmé, though I say it’s not allowed because “sidetracked” is cliché)

What fresh phrases can you come up with?