Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!

I was amazed to discover Esmé didn’t know who Donald Duck was.  I’m loving these holidays of June; we are uncovering so many educational gaps… :)

Yes, June 9th is commonly defined as Donald Duck’s birthday – the day he debuted in 1934.  Yep – he’s another invention of the Great Depression era…

To celebrate, we checked out a couple of Duck videos from the library and ran through a few clips on YouTube.  Definitely worth a look is Donald’s page on the Disney site, which includes a handful of videos and games.  And you can find a stack of printable coloring pages at ColouringBookPages.

P1030904 (2)
Right now Esmé is sitting through Disney’s Donald in Mathmagic Land, a homeschooling classic that I thought would be a little advanced for her, but Donald is keeping her attention…

For your viewing pleasure, here is The Wise Little Hen, Donald’s debut picture:

Happy birthday, Donald!  And welcome to Donald’s legendary world, Miss Esmé!