Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fashion Friday

We are way way overdue for some fashion on this site, hey?

Welcome to the latest and greatest in kid fashion!

If you've got some great fashion going on in your house, go post your fashion photos of the week, come back and link up, and then grab your sparking grape juice on ice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

We're gonna focus on hair this week.  Because that is absolutely totally something that is not worthy of any attention.  Please, no ponies, no piggies, no bands, no nothing!  My hair is all about FREEDOM!

So this static look works really well.  Nothing in there except lots of style!

Closer up...

All right, all right...  I'll deign to put in a pony for once.  Because I'm really a baby pony.  But don't expect it to stay in long.

Oh, and I can really rock the headband if I so choose...

Especially paired with a shell necklace!

But this...  THIS is the look.  Because I am really a baby unicorn.  And baby unicorns have horns.  So I've got the best natural horn you've ever seen!  It doesn't get any better than this!

OK, folks, here's where you get to share the catwalk! Link up your favorite fashion shot(s) of the week...


Kel said...

The static is just all too familiar in our house!

CristyLynn said...

I love the first headband shot, the way she's holding her hand and everything...too cute, Esme!
Give us a few more months, and my little girl will join you in some fashion statements. I think my little boy's daddy would have a fit if I tried to include him in this. :)

Anonymous said...

cute! My daughter just turned three and for the past couple of months she has refused any ponytails or pigtails of any kind. I finally had to give her a haircut that wouldn't leave her looking so scraggly by midmorning!