Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Friday

Welcome to the latest and greatest in 2-year-old fashion! This week we've got new shoes, a hair accessory, and the magical duster accessory...

So go post your fashion photos of the week, come back and link up, and then grab your sparking grape juice on ice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

First up, here are my brand new orange shoes from my Auntie Ann who lives in Cambodia.

(Oh, you are not gonna wanna hear about my terrific weekend in Portland last week! I got to see EVERYBODY who's ANYBODY! Cept a few of my cousins were missing. But I'll get some photos up soon. If I can capture a few moments in between book reviews.)

Plus, don't miss the pink pig. I slept with that baby the first night. And what's really cool is you can walk around all those relatives, hold out your pig, and they'll put money inside.
Yep, orange shoes rock! Now, let's move on to this cool ballerina outfit I put together. Hot pink shorts under a pale pink tutu, and a teeny tank with pink and orange flowers. It works great for walking around the sand pit, but it could use a little help.
Here's where the magical duster comes in. Doesn't it just make the outfit?
You know how I hate anything in my hair? Oh, maybe I can tolerate it for about one minute and 14 seconds, but that's it. Unless it has a purple flower on it and comes out of the dressup box at daycare. I even insisted on wearing this one for my nap!
Here's the whole picture. Don't you just love the skirt? I can flit and float and fly in that thing!

OK, folks, here's where you get to share the catwalk! Link up your favorite fashion shot(s) of the week...


Kori said...

I can really see a bright future for this little one! And she looks as if daycare is treating her well, which must just be such a relief for you.

Amy said...

This is so cute. I have to do this some time.

Lisa said...

Love those orange shoes! Wish I had some.

Le laquet said...

Orange shoes!!!! *envy*

ShEiLa said...

One of my favorite things in the blog world on Friday... the fasion of Miss Esme.

You got it goin' on girlfriend!