Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Want Mo' Dere!

I want mo' dere!

Mommy has tried to wean me from nursing several times already, but my tricks and schemes have always paid off and I got my mo' dere. This time, nothing is working! I tried screaming and crying and sobbing. I even tried asking politely and nicely.

But it seems Mommy and Pappa and Ouma are all conspiring against me. Nothing is working! I haven't had mo' dere in more than 24 hours and I am going through serious withdrawal.

Pappa suggests I do some research and write letters to my representatives and stand up for my rights to mo' dere. What do you think?

For now, Mommy is trying to distract me with whipped cream on my blueberry waffle and even watermelon. And my Jacob and Esau DVD while I eat. It's not really working.
I know I'm almost 2 1/2. I know I'm becoming a big girl. But if this is what being a big girl is all about, maybe I just want to stay little...


BaronessBlack said...

Oh! Poor Esme!
Sad, but it has to happen.
You're growing up so fast!

Debbie said...

Oh, how sad. Growing up is so hard! It's a miracle any of us make it through.

Lisa said...

Sorry, Esme, I've got to Mommy, Pappa and Ouma on this one. You're such a big girl now. I mean, anyone that can pull together outfits like you can, girl, is ready for a cup!

Mike and Katie said...

Way to go, Mama for keeping it up for so long! I'm hoping to go to at least two with Christiana and the new baby in February.

After adoptive nursing, for so long, having a full supply is going to seem so easy! It will make all the nausea worth it!

ShEiLa said...

I guess the statement,
Growing up is hard to do
is very true and in more ways than we know. Hang in there Miss Esme.

When my oldest daughter was 2 1/2 she still had her 'baba' and her baby brother had been born 3 months before that. One day I cut all the tips of the bottle nipples and the first nap she laid down put the bottle to her mouth and she was drenched... immediate tears. I said oh my goodness the bottle is broken. Let me get another one... and guess what? Same thing happened. All the bottles were broken and that was the end of that.


Madeline said...

Oh. Poor Esme! And, poor mommy. I have no idea how I'd ever convince my little guy to give it up. Hope y'all get through this without too much trouble!

Jennifer said...

The time has come... it was probably smart to try it while she had so many lovely people to help distract her. Any updates? Has she accepted it?