Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Review: Alphabet Meditations for Teachers

Alphabet Meditations for Teachers, by Nancy Oelklaus, Ed.D., is a collection of poetic meditations on the subject of teaching, with topics ranging from A to Z.

Initially I was not planning to post my review on this blog, but I fell in love with the book and had to share with all of you. Even if you are not a teacher, you certainly know a teacher or two. In the "back-to-school" spirit that pervades the northern hemisphere right now, let me recommend this book as a fabulous gift for the godly teachers in your lives.

This book is all about the real reason for teaching. Not the test scores and report cards, but the children, the children of Divine Love.

An excerpt from the G - Grades meditation:

How many times
Does a student who makes F
Need to be told
He's an F
Before his spirit breaks?

Or a C student,
That she's mediocre?
Or A students,
That they're grand?
Or me, that I'm powerful?

Oh, help me know
That in your eyes
We're all precious,
Perfect children of Divine Love.
Help me reflect that love.

My copy of the book is dog-eared with the excerpts I'd love to share with you. Alas, I'm not sure that would be appropriate given copyright laws!

There's a short section in the back of the book on using the book for professional development, so it's not only a pleasure read. It's a way for teachers to get back to the reason they started teaching in the first place.

If I were the publisher, I would expand the photos and market this currently 52-page paperback as a hardback "coffee table" gift book for all teachers! The words really are beautiful, meaningful, and deserving of a beautiful package.

For more information or to buy the book, check out

The review copy of this book was provided through Review the Book.


Alice Audrey said...

At some point my kids stopped taking the grades seriously at all. I find the whole thing very frightening.

ShEiLa said...

love that excerpt.

you have to be careful not to damage kids forever. a little bit of praise goes a long way.