Friday, August 14, 2009

7 Fragments...

It it time to round up some of those loose thoughts floating around my head...

Esmé's Mommy playing along with


and even

this time and giving you 7 fragments of STUFF...

1. I REALLY want to play golf. Not that I can play - I think the last time i kept track of my score it was like 64. On a 9-hole course. But I was just thinking the other day that I really want to play.

Couple of problems. First, my clubs are on the ocean somewhere. Second, I don't think anyone would want to play with me. It's rather burdensome playing with someone who is holding up everyone behind you. But I still really want to play!

2. Speaking of the ocean. We were kind of expecting our stuff to be here from Mozambique by now. But at last check, it left Hong Kong and should be arriving in Portland on August 25th. Not sure how it will get down here.

Yeah! It'll be like Christmas in August!

3. Now my rant. Douglas County librarians, take note...

I checked out a book that was in bad condition. Water damage; part of the front cover torn off. The damage had been noted in the book by a librarian. No problem - it was still readable, and I really enjoyed that book.

While in my possession, the book sustained a little more damage. I admit it. It was still readable. It's certainly not something that happens to the books I check out as a general rule. I consider myself a reasonably good library patron who loves books and who happens to have a two-year-old who also loves books.

After I turned the book back in, ahead of the due date, I might add, I received a bill in the mail from the library for $19. Huh? Like I said, the book was badly damaged before I checked it out.

I head to the library, hoping for reasonability. I'm given an option - I can buy a new book to replace it, rather than pay the $19. I ask if I can just give them a badly damaged used book, since that's what I checked out to begin with. Absolutely not, they say. Of course, they want to be reasonable. How about if I just pay $9.50, or half the bill?

I order a "like new book" from $0.72 plus shipping of $3.99. It's cheaper than $9.50, and I do like my library privileges.

Beware of The book I got was indeed like new, only with a big black mark across the bottom - I assume intentionally put there to indicate that it was NOT actually new.

I'm a little nervous to take it to the library. And I am extremely annoyed. Because while I have this block on my library card, I am not able to renew or check out books. And the book I had on hold for months that just now became available to me has now been passed on to another patron, and I won't be able to get it for another few months.

So, my dear Douglas County librarians, take note. I am annoyed. I liked you. I really did. Now, if I could take my business elsewhere, I would.

There. Now I feel better. And yes, I admit it's petty.

4. I guess I don't quite feel better yet.

I just want to say that those "You are posting comments too quickly! Please slow down!" messages that WordPress gives when I leave two comments in a row are really starting to bug me. I don't care if it takes you a little bit of time to process my second comment - just don't accuse ME of being in the wrong.

It was funny at first. Now it's annoying.

5. I got a handwritten note from our mail carrier that we probably need to get a bigger mailbox. LOL! I do love all the review books I have been getting.

6. In the spirit of disclosure that has been sweeping through the blogosphere, I want to set something straight.

If I don't like a book, I will be honest about this in my review, regardless of whether the book copy was provided by the publisher or author.

However, as much as possible, I limit my book reviews on this blog to books I recommend. If I wouldn't recommend a book to you, I won't post about it here unless I'm required by agreement with the publisher to do so.

ALL of my book reviews, good or bad, are posted on, and possibly on other sites such as

Just to clear up any confusion by people wondering why I say I LOVE all the books I review!

7. Rural life has its pluses.

We've been loving the wildlife around here lately! We went out on Uncle Jaques' boat this week, where Pappa and others wakeboarded amongst the Canadian geese. A doe and fawn came down to the lake to drink as we watched. On the drive home, in addition to stacks of deer, we saw a bandit-faced racoon family with babies... And we've had some deer turds in our yard, though I've yet to see any actual deer.

And we finally managed to make it to a local (Glide) farmer's market. Not much there if you're into great deals, but who can resist pumpkin pies being sold by a kid? And zucchini cookies, banana bread, and lemon tarts? And fresh peppers, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, and blueberries. And fresh BLUE chicken eggs - not brown ones.

And that 8,386-acre forest fire? It's pretty much contained - they are just finishing up mop-up efforts for now. The highway was opened last weekend.

So all is well in our little corner of the world. Have a blessed weekend!


mub said...

Ugh that library thing would make me crazy. If you borrow something in horrible condition, they can't expect that they'll get it back magically new can they?!

Glad the forest fire is pretty well contained, stuff like that makes me nervous.

Tranquility said...

How frustrating! I can't believe the library wouldn't let you replace it with a used book, considering the condition of the original!

Our library will charge full price for some books, but others they will let you exchange a different book for - I was told they will take a used book in those cases. It's about all the good I have to say about this library though. It is very small and doesn't have much selection. It turns out many people have tried to donate books, in an effort to improve the selection, only to find out that the library sends them out to other libraries in the "circle" rather than keeping them on the premises.

BaronessBlack said...

Well my advice is to wear them down with pleasantness (we Brits do this very well with endless, boring politeness - but you'd better stick to pleasantness!). Explain to them the whole situation, stressing the funny side of this ad nauseam. In fact, if you can gather some of the other librarians around and waste their time too, so much the better.
In the end they will usually take the second-hand book and restore your library privileges just to get you to go away!
Then again, they could be REALLY bored and enjoying the diversion, so maybe take Esme along when she's due a nap?

Madeline said...

The library thing would drive me batty. They should be sweeter about that.
Hope your belongings get to you soon!

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

I am annoyed FOR you after reading the library mess. Yikes!

I really want to play golf too. My Dad and brother did growing up. Scott does, and do his parents. I have never caught on, though. I am having Scott teach me how to play.

Happy FF! Mine is finally up now too. :o)

shopannies said...

love rural life here as well when daughter gave up her rural home to move to the city we were very disappointed

Caution Flag said...

What is the deal with that library? I have learned that our library charges the highest possible replacement fee. It just mysteriously shows up as a really big late charge six months after the book was supposedly lost.

I really long for a rural life. Not quite there :(

Mrs4444 said...

I once offered to give the library an almost brand new audio copy of The Secret Life of Bees (I had bought it and listened to it) in exchange for a $7 fine that I owed. The woman refused, because apparently, her brain is the size of fly spit. I hate it when people are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I love living in the woods; looking out the window year-round and seeing nothing but trees (and the occasional critter) is wonderful.

Time for a golf lesson, no? I've had TWO but have never made it onto the course for the same reason you are reluctant. Maybe you and I could golf together. (I think we would laugh a LOT.)

Alice Audrey said...

Miniature golf is more my speed.

We had a copy of Captain Underpants go astray while visiting my mother. Normally you can get Captain Underpants brand new for around $4. Would the library let us bring in a replacement copy? No! We had to pay them the full library price, and there wasn't even a guarantee they would replace to book!

I feel your pain.

dani said...

though i can say, "hey", anytime on fb, i forget how much i love REALLY hearing about your day-to-day, j... we have had some really crumby stuff going on around here (but we are FINE). so, it was so nice to read you today:)
about the book... that is unbelievable that the library would even think of charging you for a new book when the one you checked out was in such bad condition. have you actually spoken with the original librarian from whom you checked out the book??? (maybe that would help?)
as far as golf goes... maybe you could putt-putt to practice on your short game and try a driving range for your long game AND THEN go to a golf course at an off time, ha!!! (i'd love to be good at it, too; but i stink;)
so, i guess you all are NOT going back to africa anytime soon since your things are headed in this direction??? i hope everything arrives SOON!!!
much love,
dani xxx