Monday, July 27, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We are struggling to figure out how to use the carrot, so to speak, to get cooperation from Esmé (27 months), whose favorite word is "No!" As you might be able to tell from these conversations, ice cream and lollipops aren't working so well as "carrots"...

Waiting in the car for Pappa to get something in the grocery store, Esmé was trying to convince me to let her out. I was expecting just a quick stop and didn't want to deal with convincing her back into her car seat, so my response was "No!"

"Let me out! I go get ice cweam for YOU, Mommy!" She gets me. She really does.

The little miss is misadventuring a lot these days, with a variety of scabs and bruises popping out. While she was checking out a new scab, this is what came out:

"The owie goin' to get me a lollipop. I hafta cry. I hafta cry to get a lollipop."

Another conversation:

"I want a lollipop!"

"No," I replied.

"I want a lollipop."

"You don't need a lollipop," I started to reason.

"For my dolly!"

Esmé was dragging around some big stuffed tigers as I was trying to leave VBS. I started moving the props back to their proper place. She was adamant that they needed to be dragged around.

"Let's go get ice cream," I bribed.

"Yeah! Tiger need to eat ice cweam!" she agreed.

My mission NOT accomplished...

And I'm tired... Any advice from all you expert moms out there?


Annette said...

Hmm...Is it time to finish off the ice cream and put the lollies on a shelf noone can see? We have had to do that with the videos...after a month we could bring them out again. Meghan was very demanding.

Your little one is smart...and she's got your number. She'd have me wrapped around her little finger!

One more thing? Would it help to make ice cream only for dessert or special occasion if you go out for it? Maybe if you like to go out for ice cream it could be a Friday night family date?

Sorry to say so much, but I know I like lots of input when I have problems like this!

Ticia said...

I've found that carrots work best as a stated reward before they do something. Example: If you do good at the store and don't run, then I'll get you a candy bar.
The parenting class I took said to use carrots for physical learned things that are not moral things, for potty training, but not cleaning the room.
Hopefully that helps.

sues2u2 said...

You have one Smart cookie on your hands! lol

We also put things that weren't behaving quite the way they were supposed to (the tigers being dragged around) into a timeout. It helped to bring it closer to the fact that my son was Not doing what he was being asked to & also got them away.

I also (still to this day even!) offer a reward for a behavior that is talked about beforehand & encouraged. Things that should be normal chores (like picking up the toys) would not get a food reward however they would get a sticker (or a window cling) plus a big hug & kiss from mommy.

Good luck! She's definitely a darling!! said...

I too have a 2 yr old who def likes to push things to the limit. She keeps me on my toes for sure!! In addition to the carrot method, do you have any consequences for disobedience? That might help. Hang in there! It isn't easy, that's for sure!

Keri said...

those stuffed animals sure get hungry a lot- i am noticing that with my daughter, too!
she sure sounds like a cutie with tons of personality.
sorry i don't have advice but you can bet I will be reading what others will say since I could use some help as well!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH my - she is a quick one. Those two year olds...they can be a tricky breed :)

Good luck - most of it is just surviving the age and using whatever gets you through!

Kori said...

I actually don't believe in giving carrots, so to speak. And I won't criticize you or any parent who dies, because as the above commenter said, you just do whatever it takes to get you through. For me, in the long run it has been easier to simply deal with the screaming/crying/tantrumming (is too a word, I said!)than it has been to have them expected a treat or reward for simply behaving the way they are supposed to. And sometimes I think it is even worth it, HA HA HA.

dani said...

my advice... live in the moment, love her independent humor, and laugh your ^$$ of at her because she IS pretty funny:P