Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Review: Miss L'eau

Esmé's Mommy here.

We're helping out with VBS this week, and it's VBS with a twist. Instead of working on fancy take-home crafts, the kids are using their craft time to touch the world around them. Monday's craft time was spent making cards for veterans at our local VA hospital. Friday we'll be packaging donated food for local residents. I'm not sure what else is in store, but I love the idea that you're never too young to begin making a difference...

Which brings me to my review of Miss L'eau by author T. Katz.


"Miss Leau's eyes were as blue-green as the sea, and if you could get up the courage to stare right into them, you'd swear you could see angel fish, sea plants, coral beds and even sea anemones!! It was the most wonderful, yet frightening, experience when she would talk to you face-to-face." - Miss L'eau by T. Katz

Two young boys in a coastal town are inspired by their unique teacher to make a difference in their community, and the world, by cleaning up the ocean with the help of their community.

You can view the trailer for the book on YouTube. And check out the fun activities on the book's website: www.missleau.com.

The Author

T. Katz, a resident of Southern California has been involved in the children’s entertainment industry since the early 80’s working on hundreds of episodes of animated television and as a music instructor to hundreds of very animated children. She is also the honorary conductor of a four-part harmony household, consisting of her two children (three if you count the spouse on a bad day) and Alice the cat. The people that surround her help her to continue seeing the world with all its magic, beauty and potential. She lives by the motto “a good book, a cup of tea and somehow all is right with the world.” Her adventures in life are adding welcome lines of character to her face and scattered optimistic silver linings all over her head. You can visit her website at www.tkatz.com.

Speaking of kids making a difference, it was her teenage daughter who inspired her to actually get this book published a decade after she had outlined it...

Our Review

Let's start with Esmé's feedback. This chapter book was too advanced for her to get the storyline (ages 7-11 is the probable audience). But she was completely in love with the cover and carried the book around everywhere for a while... This is a girl who immediately draws a circle with two eyes and a tiny mouth whenever she's given a blank piece of paper, and then draws lots of other elaborate eyes all over the page. So the eye on the cover had her completely convinced it was HER book!

On to the story. This was an easy read with suspense to keep the attention of most kids in the 7-11 range. Very descriptive, too.

If you're into pure reality for your kids' reading, this book may not appeal to you, as it might bring up some discussion about whether mermaids (and Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster) really exist.

In general, I love the book. It would be a great companion read to a study on the ocean (early marine biology). And the message about the amazing things kids can instigate and accomplish in the world is what appeals to me the most.

Miss L'eau is available now on Amazon.com and in select bookstores.
And you can enter to win a copy over on The Unadorned Book Review, too!

Review copy was provided by Pump Up Your Book Promotion Miss L'eau Virtual Blog Tour.


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