Thursday, June 26, 2008


I haven’t given you all a status update on my developmental milestones in like forever! I’ll just start by telling you May was the month for learning how to climb.

It started at Smith Rock, I guess. I am now all set up with my own climbing harness. Here is a photo of me trying on my new harness. And another one showing you it works just right – rappelling, here we come!

My personal tip – never rock climb without your handy dandy music recorder in hand. You might need it for rescue purposes. And if you need both your hands for climbing, you can carry the recorder in your mouth. And if you get bored waiting for the rescue, you can entertain yourself by playing music.

Mommy's note to Mozambicans: Are there any established rock climb routes in this country? Preferably close to Maputo?

Anyway, while we were in the US, Mommy noticed that I’d been starting to climb up on couches. And I climbed up slides with no problems, either, though I preferred to go up the slide rather than the steps. And I climbed up the step ladder at Auntie Delia’s.

It wasn’t until we got back home to Mozambique in the beginning of June that she saw how much more advanced I’d become in just one month. Now I could crawl over the rails on my cribs. And out of the bathtub. And into the bidet – and I could turn the water on by myself, too, and get sopping wet. Haven’t figured how to climb OUT of the bidet yet, though.

I can climb up jungle gym ladders, though sometimes my feet slip through and I get stuck. I've had lots of practice climbing windows.

Today I climbed on top of the ottoman over and over, stood on it, and clapped for myself. I wasn’t too excited when I fell off it, though.

I don’t understand why the higher I get, the less stuff there is up there for me to play with. What’s with Mommy and Daddy?

Mommy’s note: We’re starting to put stuff where I (at 5’1”) can’t reach anymore. Where do we go next? Any favorite parental hiding spots that you care to share?


Pam said...

Oh yes- the climbing stage- so much fun, isn't it.

If you were to come to my house, you would see everything above toddler level and that includes toilet paper and trash cans. Gross I know, but otherwise he dumps it all out. Even the brush for cleaning the toilet isn't safe from him. The nastier the object the more desirable I guess.

Riley loves to climb up onto things and then scream for help to get down. Then he climbs right back up only to scream again for help to get down.

angie said...

Gotta love the climbing stage.......and the potential for fun in the bidet (be-however it is spelled). :)

sarah said...

how cute! Good you are starting the adventure training at a young age!

Christie O. said...

congrats on the weight loss!!

melissa s. said...

happy climbing, esme! isn't it so much fun to see that look of panic on mom's face when you get up too high?

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Uh oh... you now have a climber on your hands hehe. She is such a cutie!!!

Andrea said...

Ohhh...climbing! How fun! Tate likes to climb too...but thank goodness he hasn't figured out (YET!) that if you pull a chair over to something and climb on that, you can also climb on something higher! haha. :)

ancient one said...

Only one of my grandsons was a climber. Keeps you on your toes!

auntie ann said...

Esme, you forgot to update us on your music development! I notice that you are really more interested in the recorder you have in your hand and even clinging to it when you are bouncing in your new harness. Do you like to blow on it and make music? Are you getting ready for the trumpet soon?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I've yet to find a place they won't go. I'll have to think about that one!