Monday, June 30, 2008

Tihavene Dedication

Wow – time is flying and I can’t keep up with my blog fast enough!

Mommy’s note: You don’t hear much about Maranatha’s project on this blog, as it is Esmé’s blog. If you’re interested in hearing more, check out my sister’s blog. I do want to mention, though, that an exciting part of the project has finally started! Our well drilling equipment has finally made it into Mozambique (after getting tied up in customs and then requiring huge storage fees to be paid before we could get it out – “This is Africa . . .”). And we are getting water! This is a great way to have a positive impact on the entire community wherever we are building.
Back to Esmé’s life . . .

We had lots of company – nine South African volunteers – staying with us for several days! They were very cool and even spoke English for Afrikaans-challenged Mommy’s sake.

On Saturday we went to the Tihavene church dedication, close to the beach. Here are a couple of photos of that.

Making friends:

Don't think public speaking will be one of my fears when I grow up:

One of my favorite pasttimes - chasing boys!
What do I do when I catch one? (This is Mr. Artur's boy - Mr. Artur works for Maranatha checking out new properties to build on and making sure we have the right documents.)

This family looks nice. Maybe I'll join them . . .
Another granny - cool!
I’ll show you photos of our lunch at the beach another time . . .


Marsha said...

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment. I continue to be amazed each time I come to this site and envious of the adventurous life your family is experiencing!

Midlife Mom said...

What lovely pictures! She is just so beautiful!
So glad you are getting water in your community!!!!!!