Friday, March 28, 2008

Developmental Update

Since I am nearing a year old, Mommy checked out my developmental milestones again to make sure I am still on track. I am, mostly. A little slow on words (or maybe Mommy and Daddy are slow in understanding them). I prefer to carry a ball to you rather than roll it. And I CAN drink from a cup by myself, but I sure make a mess. Other than that, I am way ahead of the curve.

And they don’t even list skateboarding. I am doing hot! I can squat and then rise to a standing position while boarding, just like a regular surfer girl. Even Daddy can’t do that! Here's my latest video. If you don't watch any other videos, you gotta watch at least this one!

My major accomplishments have to do with figuring out how things work. I am really good at putting things where they belong - and it's not always my mouth these days. Some of my achievements:
  • I put clothes in the dirty clothes basket. Sometimes I take them out of the clean laundry pile to put them in the dirty basket, but clothes are clothes, right? I even put a bar of soap in the dirty clothes basket, too.
  • I put everything into the trash can. It’s meant for an array of stuff, right? Like scrub brushes and toothbrushes and dummies and important papers and towels and apples.
  • I know how keys work. They go into the car ignition, the safe, and the gate lock. I don’t always get the right key in the right place – haven’t got the car to start yet – but I’ll get there one of these days. Here I am trying to open the gate.
  • I can call California all by myself. Just watch that phone bill, Daddy!
  • I put rubber sink stoppers into sink drains.
  • I use hand soap when I wash my hands.
  • I use my packages of new diapers to climb up to tables so I can get to Daddy’s money on top. After all, money belongs in my piggy bank.
  • I put dangly things around my neck, like jump ropes and cords and belts and clothing. I am a real fashion accesorizer.
  • I put belt straps into belt buckles.
  • I say “moo” at cows and cats. I say “grrrrrr” at dogs and bunnies and all other animals. Picture or real life - it doesn't matter.
  • I put lego-like blocks together (though taking them apart is still more fun).
  • I put computer wires into their spots on the computer – network ports, USB ports, power connectors.
  • I put air conditioner remotes to my ears and talk into them like telephones.
  • I put coloring markers together after I take the lids off. It doesn’t matter if the lids and colors don’t match, of course.
  • If you tell me to go fetch something in the other room (a ball or doll, for instance), and I am in the right mood, I will get it.
  • I can twist bottle caps on and off.
  • I can read books while lying on my back. Mommy wishes she had a photo of that – it’s also one of her major accomplishments. Though she hasn’t read in the past year except while nursing me.
  • I can spit my food out when Mommy makes a comment about how well I'm eating.
  • I take care of my dolls and share everything with them, even my toys and books and food.
As you can see, I am quite accomplished. Mommy says she is constantly amazed at how much knowledge I am displaying every day. Ouma says I am very mechanically-minded.
Well, I must go play now. We have a houseful of a dozen visitors, which is way cool. They are from South Africa and they camped in the bush this week, building a church. Now they are living in the civilized environs of our house before heading back home. And I need to demonstrate my skateboard skills for them.