Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ambassador Bebe

Today we went to Machumbutane for their church dedication. Machumbutane is way out in the bush, down a long long long sandy road. True to regular form, I slept through the bumps and stayed awake on the smooth tarmac. I am becoming a true Mozambican!

Mommy was a little trigger happy at the Machumbutane church dedication today, so you shall see lots of photos here.

I seem to have achieved celebrity status at times, as you’ll see in some of the photos. Mommy and I have been talking about how being God’s ambassador here in Mozambique is my most important job, even more important than skateboarding!
The new church was very full, as you can see here. There was the group of South African volunteers (staying at our house now) that helped build this church. Plus two busloads of volunteers from Auburn Adventist Academy (in Washington, USA) came too and managed to fit inside after this photo was taken.

Here I am playing during the church service:

Here are the cows outside listening to the sermon. I said "moo" when I saw them.

Here is the old church:

Here are the new toilets. They look pretty, but be glad this photo isn't scratch-n-sniff!

Here I am playing Zacchaeus:

Here are some friends I met:

And another friend . . .

And another friend who couldn't stay awake for the whole thing. (We finished lunch around 5 o'clock, just to give you an idea of the timing of things.)

Here I am meeting some new friends:

And here I am with my entourage while taking a walk:

Mommy says this photo reminds her a little of Princess Di or some other celebrities:
Here I am saying goodbye to my friends from inside the truck:
And here are a couple of videos for good measure. The first is the children singing a song, and the second is me and Auntie Susan walking around the church with some friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad I found your blog. My parents are ZImbabwian and I was born in South Africa so I have heard a lot about those parts of the world since we moved here whe n I was little. I can't wait to look through all your photos!

Sarah said...

Oh my, how so completely adorable. Thanks for stopping by my site. I will certainly be back to visit yours!