Sunday, December 30, 2007

Somber Mood

This morning started on a somber note. Daddy got a phone call from Uncle David saying that the night guard at Daddy's work shop had been murdered and dumped in the water tank, and robbers had taken a vehicle and tools.

So many questions. How could we have prevented this? What other reasonable precautions could have been taken? Are we naïve to pray for the best without preparing for the worst - at what point does preparing for the worst signify a lack of faith? How can robbers balance the value of tools against the value of a life? Mozambique has a low life expectancy due to AIDS and so many other things, and life sometimes seems cheap here; at the least it's easy to become calloused to death. But Mommy says that every person is equally precious to God, no matter where they live or come from. And God has no callouses where His children are concerned.

With lots to think about, we traveled on through Transkei – very pretty green rolling hills of farmland (though the gas station we stopped at didn't have gas) – back to the coast through beautiful forest-covered mountains via Port Shepston, and all the way to Richard's Bay.

On the way, we stopped at a gas station where I smiled so nicely a lady gave me a blue Engen sand bucket. I put all my toys in it – it makes a really good toy carrier.

I finally fell asleep in the car and we made it here to Richard's Bay around 10 p.m. I was so happy to see everybody I smiled and smiled and offered them my toy-filled blue bucket and did all my tricks for them! My Daddy's Uncle Hennie and Aunt Olivia are here, plus his cousin Mark and Kwisun and baby Hyu, and his cousin Grant and little girl Michaela. They are all very nice and I can't wait to play with them all.