Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the Road Again

Yesterday we left Ouma and all that good stuff behind and strapped up in the car again. Tell me why any logical-minded sane person would do something like that?

We drove through farmland to Hermanus and stopped for lunch and looked for whales, but I didn't see any. Daddy fed the sea gulls until a big black dog came and chased them away. I think I liked the dog better, anyway.

Then we made it to Mossel Bay and stayed with friends of Daddy's (Mr. Donald & Mrs. Wendy) for the night. They had two cool dogs and I got to try a smoked kalamata olive – very yummy!

Today we saw lots of pretty beaches with nice sand and waves. I think I'm ready to try boogie boarding again.

Then we stopped so I could go bungee jumping on the highest bungee jump in the world – 216 meters. Only problem is they had too many people sign up by the time we got there – they stopped registering at 1:45 because of that. So I never got to set the record as the littlest one to jump. And after all the practice Daddy and I did ahead of time – it was heartbreaking. I even demonstrated all my tricks for them so they could see how talented I was – and then they said maybe if we waited until dark they might be able to squeeze us in – so we waited and waited and waited – until they told us no chance. Mr. Elmer almost cried, too – he really wanted to jump. But then he was glad he saved the money.

Because of all the time we spent waiting to jump, we didn't get to East London in time to camp. In fact, Mommy & Daddy & I only made it to Grahamstown, where we found a bed & breakfast at 11:30 at night. It is a very nice place with a kitty that slept by the bed on a monkey rug.