Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cape Episode

Yesterday we drove to Boulders Beach and saw lots of jackass penguins. Are the girl penguins jillass penguins? There were three cute dassies that made me giggle, too.

Then we drove to Cape Point and walked all the way up to the lighthouse. Mommy was wearing high heeled sandals – fortunately Daddy was the one carrying me. It was windy and cool at the top, but I was all wrapped up in Daddy's towel and cap.

Then we went down to the beach below and ate watermelon and watched ostriches and smelled dead fish.

Then we drove to the Cape Town waterfront and ate supper at Victoria Wharf, a big mall overlooking the harbor.

I had two very sandy poop diapers on the trip. Sand does wonders for cleansing and debriding your digestive system – try it some time.

The traffic was crazy the whole way. I am spending lots of time in the car these days.

I forgot to tell you about my presents. I guess I musta been a good girl this year, cuz I did get some presents. I got a camp chair and potty chair from Ouma, a ball from Emily's mommy & daddy, socks and a bib (that I got dirty right away) from Auntie Pennie, a sea horse that squirts water from my cousins Marquelle & Janelle and family, and play mat puzzle pieces from Daddy that are really yummy.

Oh yeah, I got to see Rudolph tonight again (see "First Kiss") and pulled him by the nose for old time's sake. It was his uncle Mr. Riaan's 21st birthday, so we met up with his family for pizza tonite.

I've also been practicing some of my tricks of opening kitchen drawers & pulling over plants at Ouma's house.