Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How the Baboon Stole Christmas

We went to the beach with friends (Oupa, Ouma, Mr. Jeron, Mr. Elmer, Mr. Ismael, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Pearl and their kids Josh, Luke, Tim, Ben, and Sarah) for Christmas. Mommy says it's not the traditional white Christmas, but I had fun anyways.

I ate lots of sand when nobody was looking. It was very interesting. I also got a good workout from crawling in the sand.

Then I got some salt water to wash it down. Daddy took me boogie boarding and a wave knocked me over face down into the water. I was very brave, though.

Then I fell asleep on Ouma's lap.

While I was sleeping and off guard duty, a baboon came and stole Mr. Jeron's camera with diversionary tricks. All the guys ran after it and threw stones at it and got scratches from the dense bushes. The baboon unzipped the bag and discarded parts along the way. Unfortunately it never got back to its family to take its annual family portrait, or maybe it didn't like the photos on the camera, so Mr. Jeron got all the parts back and the camera is still working! Only then were we allowed to laugh.

No wonder the crime rate is up in South Africa.

Then we ate burgers that Oupa had braaied for us.