Monday, December 24, 2007


I have a cool big cousin – she is 1 month minus 5 days older than me. That makes her lots bigger. She's got dark hair and big blue eyes. She likes to smile for cameras – but I'm much too busy for that. Maybe when I'm older and wiser. I'll put some pictures up so you can see us.

Anyway, she lives with her mommy (my Daddy's sister Tannie Deirdre) and daddy just around the corner from Ouma's house. They have a really nice Christmas tree in their house that I'm not allowed to play with.

We got to play in Ouma's pool together, plus played with stacking cups and balls and animals and books and all kinds of things. She listens very well to her mommy and shares toys with me – maybe I'll do that too when I'm older and wiser.