Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Drive

Thirty hours straight strapped in a car seat is a bit much, if ya know what I mean. Especially when it was only supposed to take 21 hours. But we made it to Ouma's house near Cape Town, and Mommy says I am definitely a first rate world class traveller bebe. I slept and I slept and got bored and slept and got bored and slept some more. Plus my monkey kept me company.

Swaziland. I now have a new country in my passport! That makes five countries I've been in so far. Swaziland was beautiful and green and mountainous. Mommy says it looks like a giant-sized golf course. Daddy says Heidi and Peter would enjoy it there.

Meat. We got stopped 124 times in Swaziland by people who checked our trunk to make sure there were no dead bodies (or other kinds of meat) in there. They don't want no foot n' mouth disease (like Daddy says he has) there.

Wart Hogs. On our trip we saw wart hogs, baboons, impala, and gemsbok, as well as lots of really long-tailed birds that looked like they were barely able to make it into the air.

Christmas Music. We didn't bring any CDs with us from the US (we put all the music on a hard drive) – so didn't have anything to play in the car's CD player – except Christmas music! It was packed away with our Christmas stuff instead of with our CD collection, so it made it over. So Daddy had to listen to it all 30 hours! And he survived!

Cameras. Daddy says we must be very photogenic, cuz the speeding cameras took our photos a couple of times. Don't know why - we musta been goin' at snail's pace for it to take 30 hours to get there.

Poop. Okay – I won't bore you with the details. But it happens, ya know . . .

Drivin'. I am learning how. I've got the steering wheel, horn, gears, lights, and wipers all figured out now.