Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story
Wow – I have gotten way behind on blogging. That's cuz I've been workin' like a dog. Let's see – what has happened?

Skateboarding. Last Sabbath I stood by myself while skateboarding. I'll have to get a video of this posted soon. I have been standing lots and lots by myself. I ride the scooter lots, too.

Bye Bye. On Sunday we had to say bye bye to my cousin Justin. We went to my favorite Indian restaurant for lunch. I tried the cashew curry and had to drink some water. I really like roti and papadams.

Teeth. I now have eight – four on top and four on bottom.

Pin Cushion. Still lots of mosquitos. At one time I had FIVE bites just on my face and lots more elsewhere.

New Games. I have got lots of new games I like to play. One is pulling hair (like on Daddy's chest) to see what reaction I get. That is almost as good as biting Mommy to see what reaction I get.

Another new game is "Give 'N' Take." I give you something, and then I take it back. I can do this for hours!

My very favorite game is to pull clothes out of my suitcase faster than Mommy can put them in. She wins every time, but only because she cheats – she moves me into another room and gets the suitcase filled and closed before I can crawl there.

Sleepy Time.
Mommy put me down to sleep in crib and tried to time how long I'd stay asleep. I was awake before she could look up from the timer.

Supposedly I'm supposed to be going through separation anxiety and really clingy to Mommy right now. In reality – I love going to other people and lift my arms out to EVERYBODY!

Maybe the separation anxiety just manifests itself in my sleep – I hate sleeping by myself and cry and bawl and scream if I wake up and find nobody right there.

Cinderella Story. Now as to why I'm too busy to blog. Rutendo quit her job here and went back to Zimbabwe. That means we have no one to help clean the house anymore.

Mommy read to me about Cinderella, and that's me to a T.

I have to help Mommy with a load of laundry every day. I hold the dryer open and take the clothes out and put them on the floor one at a time.

Then I have to stack measuring cups while Mommy makes bread.

When she's washing dishes, I have to bang my wooden spoon on a metal bowl to scare away the spiders. And then I have to take all the cloth napkins off the shelf and unfold them and put them in a pile on the floor.

Then I have to clean the whole floor on my hands and knees by crawling around in my onesie.

I help dust with the feather duster, but Mommy doesn't let me climb to the high spots.

I grab the toilet brush whenever I can get to it to remind Mommy she needs to use it.

Last but not least, I have to help declutter by pulling the tablecloth off the table and breaking a few dishes and dumping milk and oatmeal all over the floor. At least the floor and the table cloth get clean that way. I've done this twice now! That's me - always being supererogatory!

I wish my prince would hurry up and come so I wouldn't have to work so hard. Am I glad it's Sabbath - sigh!