Friday, January 4, 2008

Nelspruit Trip

Verdict's out and baby rolls are going! I gained no weight (21 lbs still) and grew 4 cm (75 cm) this last month! Now I'm at the 95th percentile on height, but only 80 or so on weight. Mommy wants to know my secret. I think it has to do with my daily workout of keeping Mommy on her toes, or with my hunger strike while riding in the car over the holidays. Not sure how she can add to her height though – that just comes naturally for me.

So Mommy and I made our first solo voyage to Nelspruit today. We navigated the borders fairly well, getting all the right papers filled out and stamped and not getting sent back to any lines for doing something wrong. The most challenging part for Mommy was holding a fussy me while trying to fill out a vehicle form in Portuguese.

We went to Mommy's doctor first, then had a mother/daughter lunch (Mommy ordered me some litchi juice, which I drank with a straw for the first time), then went grocery shopping, then went to my doctor in the afternoon.

Cuz I didn't get my regular naps, I fell asleep in the shopping cart a couple of times and banged my head on the front handle. That wasn't much fun. Everybody that saw me felt very sorry for me.

The doctor was okay. I didn't like it when he inspected my ears, and the vaccination was nothing to write home about, either. Those things should be "anathematized" (my word of the day). I guess I passed all the inspections.

I slept during most of the driving. Mommy saw a giraffe next to the road but didn't wake me up to tell me about it. When we were almost home, I screamed for about 10 minutes. Mommy explained that it wasn't safe to stop where we were especially around dark, but that didn't make sense to me – I just wanted my dummy right now!