Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back Home!

Yesterday I celebrated the last day of my eighth month by standing on command for long periods of time. And - if you count balancing, then one foot in front of the other, then balancing again - as a first step, then I took my first step - before the age of 9 months . . . Got a ways to go before I'm walking by myself, though.

After all that celebration, we got back in the car and headed home. Not a bad trip, though we spent a considerable amount of time at the Swaziland-Mozambique border trying to talk reasonably with an unreasonable person who didn't want to let Mr. Ismael OUT of Swaziland because he didn't have a visa to get IN. (Did I mention he had no problem getting IN - just getting OUT.) Even I know the difference between IN and OUT. He finally signed an "admission of guilt" and paid R60 and they let us out of the country. Shame - such a beautiful country, too.

So we're back home, and here are the things I left behind at various places on my trip for people to remember me by: 1 plastic spoon, 1 fuzzy warm blanket, 1 light cuddle blanket, 1 tooth brush, and 1 rubber ducky.

Mommy says she is overwhelmed with work, laundry, and emails right now. And Daddy's dealin' with issues from the robbery at his shop Saturday night. Rutendo is out sick. I'm just glad to be out of my car seat!

After sleepin' so well this trip, I absolutely didn't want to sleep in my crib today. I fell asleep in my chair while eatin' lunch, but didn't stay sleepin' until Mommy came and worked beside me while I was on her bed, and then I slept a long time. The problem with that is she can't get up to get work done (on account of I might fall off the bed again), and internet connection in the bedroom is really poor. That's her problem, though, so I won't stress over it.

Oh yes, I am officially 9 months old today. I'll give you my measurements tomorrow after my doctor's appointment - assuming they aren't too revealing of all those cookies I've snitched.