Monday, January 21, 2008

Editorial Duties

Today Mommy was writing a work email to ask for money, and I decided she wasn't asking for enough, so I changed $5,000 to $52,002. And she wasn't asking for it fast enough, so I changed "ASAP" to "ASAPQQQ" (as soon as possible QUICK QUICK QUICK). Good thing I was helping her out, huh?

Let's see –what else is happening? I still got to be Cinderella every day. I work real hard. When Daddy comes home I get to play, though. I ride the scooter a lot and sometimes play table tennis. That table tennis ball is really cool – it fits into lots of things!

I have taken a few baby steps (one or two at a time), but crawling is a much easier method of travel than walking.

The mangos on our trees are done. Mr. Antonio picked the last ones off and they are all gone now. Now we just need the avocados on our avocado tree to ripen soon before we get fresh-fruit deprived.

I've been visiting my cousins Janelle & Marquelle some. They just got a cool new dog. They help me do all kinds of things, like play the piano and dance.