Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fragment: Read It Again!

Originally posted April 18, 2008

…so now is the moment this mother has been waiting for – when Esmé KNOWS what she wants to read and DEFINITELY wants to read it. She brings the same book to me over and over, and I drop everything to read it every time.

Last night I picked out four books to read before bed, and every time I started to read a different book, she pushed HER book back into my face again – “This one, Mommy!”

I think we’re about up to 142 reads by now, or close . . .

It's called Colors of Creation, by Thomas Paul Thigpen. As far as choices go, I can’t complain. It teaches colors using the story of creation, chronologically following the Biblical account for the most part. It rhymes, so I can memorize it easily and therefore read it upside down…

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Ann Cordner said...

What a beautiful little girls.