Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fragment: Naptimes (or Lack Thereof)

Original posted March 9, 2008

Now I’m betting I’m not the only parent who spends some days counting down the hours and moments to naptime. All the work I need to do, or just the need for a little "me" time, is pressing on my mind.

So what do you do when the baby will NOT go to sleep? I may have a schedule for Esmé, but she’s made it quite clear that it’s not HER schedule as far as sleep times are concerned. Some days she skips morning naps, other days she skips afternoon naps, and sometimes she just takes forever to fall asleep at night. And some days it’s a combination of the three, or all three.

So I have a couple of options: 1) take her out of her crib and let her play, 2) sit close to her crib and keep her stocked with books and toys, or 3) leave and let her cry.

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