Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nature Journaling #4: Photo Hunt


Did I mention I’ve got some impatience issues to work out as part of this whole nature journaling process?… :)

Yes, I struggle with the amount of time it takes my 5yo to complete an entry to her satisfaction, especially since I am trying to work alongside her.

And I suppose this “waiting” is good for my character.

But there ARE times when lack of time is an issue.  One of the ways I speed things up is to give my daughter a photo journaling assignment.  Because it takes a whole lot less time to snap of photo of “5 different flowers” – or whatever the assignment might be – than it does to draw 5 flowers.  And while she might not be noting all the little intricacies of each blossom, it gives her a “big picture” view of the variety to be found with a little hunting.

This means a little more work for Mom after the fact – as I organize and print her photos to put in a binder.  And we do get a lot of blurry or oddball shots, though I always put the camera in auto-focus before she uses it.  But it’s all good in the end.

Here is a collage I made after giving her a “rainbow” assignment – she was tasked to find and photograph at least one thing of each color in the rainbow.  Fun to do, fun to put together…

c4138276-5b6e-475e-838d-742aacab9598wallpaper (2)

Notice Flame the Cat got himself into this activity as well…  And that’s not grass in the Green photo, though it well could’ve been – chives and onions grow as wildly as grass right now.

And a by-the-way: I used to edit the photos, and to create a collage – both free online resources.

Lots of other photo hunt ideas out there:

  • 5 of something – plants, trees, bugs, flowers…
  • colors, shapes, things that start with a letter
  • scavenger hunt – one domestic animal, one wild animal, one green plant, one flower, one manmade object, one evergreen tree, or other things along that line – just about any scavenger hunt can be turned into a photo hunt



North Laurel said...

Love this post! Love the collage. I keep forgetting about photography as a way to 'journal'. Thanks for this!