Monday, March 19, 2012

Math + Numbers

We’re excited to share with you today a poem written just for Esmé, my little lover of numbers – and all things that rhyme…

Math + Numbers

Math and numbers
can be a lot of fun.
Let’s count by 5,
or simply by 1.

It’s really neat
when there’s a pattern.
Try to count
all the rings of Saturn.

At the grocery store,
apples we add.
Thanks to Math,
our brains are real glad.

Look at your ice cream
and count all the scoops.
All of our toys,
let’s place into groups.

Sometimes it’s greater than,
and sometimes it’s less.
When we try to estimate,
we may need to guess.

By taking things away,
we usually subtract.
Like the lunch that we ate,
and our nice mommy packed.

Math and numbers
are so much fun to learn.
Look around,
they’re at every turn.


Thank you, Martin of AnitaPoems!

Esmé chose to illustrate the poem with a jungle vine full of numbers – everywhere you look…

P1050536 (2)

And a happy Magic Marker Monday to you!


Childlife said...

Oh, she's a creative one, isn't she? I just love her idea of numbers growing on a vine -- too clever! And what a wonderful friend you have to inspire with poetry as well ;)

Beautiful work, Miss Esme!

Michelle @ 5MFSN