Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Dirty with Science!

Exploring our world through science is one of the most exciting aspects of education, I think.  Little kids just have this innate curiosity about the world around them that is easy to tap into.  They’re happy to look at it upside, downside, and any which way…P1060127_picnik

Some time ago, we shared a bunch of preschool science resources, including free websites.  For little ones, Mudpies to Magnets was my absolute favorite go-to book for activity ideas.

These days, we have just started the rather muddy exploration of all things ROCKS!  Friday was spent digging through some rock piles on our property, trying to find the unique specimens. 

It’s been forever since I brushed up my rock identification skills, so I happened upon  I am heavily relying on their photos to help us out here.

And in the looking, I found this cool free online geology textbook for kids by

If you’re not ready to get dirty with a dive into rocks, hubby’s homeschool resource of the week is the Smithsonian channel on YouTube.  Not only can you find some free high-quality science videos, there’s an app for that!  Watch the Smithsonian Channel on your iPhone for free.P1060128_picnik