Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday


Not so tiny almost-5yo Miss Esmé continues to have lots to say…

Toe Math:

I’ve mentioned before that Esmé likes to create her own math problems.  We’ve covered a little division, but not this method:

Esmé:  How many toes do I have on one foot?  Two (points to left two) and two (points to right two), divided by one (points to middle toe)!

Can’t argue that…

Favorite Oxymoron:

I’m told all 4-5yos love the idea of secrets.  Esmé’s favorite oxymoron these days?  “Famous secret.”  What could be better than that?

Daddy’s Treasure:

Esmé knows the verse “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be, also.”

Esmé:  But Daddy, your treasure is on earth!

Daddy:  What do you mean?  What is my treasure?

Esmé:  I am!

More Dad Stuff:

“When I get to heaven, I want my dad and Samson  to have a war to see who is stronger, Samson or my dad.”

Bedtime Delay Tactics:

As I’m walking out of the bedroom after tucking her in, Miss Esmé calls me.  “I have five questions for you!” she says.

“OK, shoot,” I reply.

She MUST have been thinking awhile on these as she enumerates them one by one:

  1. “How does sheep's wool grow back after it has been sheared?
  2. Why do monkeys have tails and climb trees?
  3. Why does a mirror reflect everything
  4. Why is paper easy to cut with scissors?
  5. Why does a candle only burn at the top and not just burn up?”

Yeah – that should gain her a couple more minutes of “awake” time while I scramble for answers…


Here’s a Facebook favorite for you:  Esmé dumped my bottle of perfume on herself today. After I reprimanded her for the waste, she replied: "What are you so mad about? Losing a bottle is not like losing your life!"

And another one:  I'm trying to get some work done right now. Esmé: "Come on! We need to go outside while the sun is still shining! I need to get some sun in my heart so I can shine for the Lord!"

And here she is making a nest in the sun…

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Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Beautiful picture! It is fun to see life from a child's view.