Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

RollerOK, so I’m two days behind now, and I can’t blame Columbus Day anymore.  Such is the life, I tell you…

For today’s Tiny Talk Tuesday, here is a glimpse into life with 4yo Esmé, the set-up master.  You ALWAYS gotta be on your toes.


Setting:  Family is hanging out in the living room. Esmé is supposed to start getting ready for bed.  She has asked for juice, but has been told her only option at this time is water.

Dad:  Go brush your teeth, Esmé.

Esmé:  No.

Dad:  Don’t say “no” to me!

Esmé:  If you asked me if I wanted juice, and I really didn’t want any, what should I tell you then?

Mom:  “No, thank you.”

Esmé:  Well, then, “no, thank you” to brushing my teeth!


Setting:  Dad is driving Esmé home from the park and using the educational opportunity for a spelling drill.

Dad:  M-A-R-I-T-Z-M-A-R-I-T-Z-M-A-R-I-T-Z-M-A-R-I-T-Z-M-A-R-I-T-Z-M-A-R-I-T-Z… 

Esmé:  [with total attitude] Just pay attention to the road, Dad!

Dad:  You’re funny!

Esmé:  I am NOT funny. [Pause.  Blows a raspberry.] Dad, you farted! [Pause.] Was that funny?

Dad:  No!

Esmé:  See, I told you I wasn’t funny!


Here are a few Esmé quotes I’ve put on facebook, but not on the blog yet:

"If God made cookies, they would be shaped like us."

"Feeling blue: When you're all bruised on the inside."

Observation on the states of water: "When a snowman gets hot, it becomes a steam-man."


Last but not least, Esmé has decided to write and illustrate “stories for other children to read.”  Her first story is posted over on her blog.  I am thinking we need a little work on character and plot development before she gets published, but everybody starts somewhere… :)