Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magic Marker Monday with Poetry

This whole Columbus Day thing has me off a day, so I think I will pass on my date confusion to you.  Today we will do Magic Marker Monday with a side of Poetry.  Tomorrow we will do Tiny Talk Tuesday.  And the weekend will be here ever so much sooner.  Got it?  Good…

Let’s start with our brilliant fall tree.  The trunk was made by tracing Esmé’s arm.  Please note the little holes in the trunk where tiny animals live.  I confess to painting in the tree trunk a tad bit for Miss Esmé, as she was too busy dotting her leaves to finish up the trunk edges.  Is that illegal?  It is really bothering my conscience.P1040905 (2)

On to poetry.  Week Three at the Mankato Homeschooling Examiner is on Easy Poetry Forms for Kids.  I think they mean kids over 4 years of age.  I decided to start with an acrostic.  After explaining the concept to Esmé, she came up with this pretty much on her own.  I take no credit for any sense you might be able to contrive from it.

House for Jesus


Antlike strength

Roller skating

To the water

Since no poem is complete without an illustration, Esmé undertook one for you.  Now you can totally visualize the poem, right?

P1040898 (2)

I wanted to tackle a haiku next, but Esmé preferred to write a grocery list, illustrated by a rhino-alligator that was sad because it had been sawn in half.  As a huge fan of checklists, I am so proud!  Be still, my beating heart!

  P1040900 (2)

I totally think checklists should be in a poetry class all their own.


It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

~Pablo Picasso


ShEiLa said...

I love the fall tree.

Thinking about the poem and it's illustration... I do love that she came up with it. Copying the grocery list... its healthy... except the whole ( I mean half) rhino-alligator part. Without lists I am lost these days... if I don't have a list I go without til next time... because I don't remember without help.


Childlife said...

LOL! I totally agree -- there's poetry in a well thought out list to be sure ;)

She sure is a creative little firecracker! I love that she has her own ideas and sees them through -- art at it's finest :)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN