Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: The Story of Noah’s Ark

Ever since Esmé was teeny tiny and her Grandma played Noah’s Ark with her in a cardboard box with a whole lotta stuffed animals and way stormy seas, Noah has been a favorite story of hers. 


Pair that story up with some bright wall clings, and you’ve got a winning combination!P1040865 (2)

imageTitle: The Story of Noah’s Ark:  Wall Clings 
Author: Lori C. Froeb
Genre: Christian children’s picture book
ISBN:   978-0-8254-5552-0
Recommended Age:  3-5
Publisher: Kregel Publications
List Price:  $9.99
To Purchase: Kregel Publications


The story of Noah and his ark is one of the most frequently read stories in the Bible. With this deluxe set, kids can use the wall clings to recreate the awesome scene of all the animals boarding the ark. As they read about Noah and his adventure, children are prompted to stick the vinyl clings on any painted wall. The clings safely stick and easily peel right off, so kids can rearrange them however they choose and reuse them for hours of enjoyment!

What Esmé Liked: 

P1040906The clings!  She grabbed them as soon as she saw the book and immediately decoupaged her little stool.  Then she went to her easel whiteboard and told the story there.P1040860 (2)

What Mom Liked:

  • A new take on a classic.  While the story is simply told, there is an emphasis on the role of the animals; e.g. how Noah and his wife reminded comforted them during the storm.  Perfect for animal-lovers like my daughter.
  • Bright illustrations.  Great attention-getters for little ones.  We probably spent as much time discussing the illustrations as we did reading the words.
  • Clings.  I love the ability to act out and role-play the story with the use of the clings.  A great dramatization feature.  The clings stick better to some surfaces than others, but in our experience, they leave no residue and are easy to take off.

What Mom Didn’t Like:

  • For the most part, nothing.  There were a few liberties taken that Esmé was quick to catch on to; for instance, the rain starting as the last animals entered the ark when the Biblical account has the rain starting 7 days later.  Overall, this was a cheery addition to our Bible story library.

Thanks to Kregel Publications for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.