Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Rockstar Child Costume

imageLittle Miss Esmé never misses a chance to dress up during her incessant role-playing – and now is definitely the season to stock up on costumes.

Recently we “flipped” through girls’ Halloween costumes in Costume Discounters’ online catalog, and I was somewhat surprised to see her bypass the princess costumes to focus on the Rockstar Child Costume, priced at $25.97.  As much as she wants to work at McDonald’s when she grows up, this outfit just might push her towards a musical career instead?!

When the costume package arrived, it was like Christmas in August, seriously…  Miss Esmé put that thing on, and for a few days I had a hard time getting it off to wash it.

What Esmé Likes: 

Everything.  Absolutely everything.  She goes into full performance mode when she puts it on.  And she randomly wears the glovelets with other clothing.

She still checks out the Costume Discounters’ catalog from time to time, picking out all the other outfits she wants.  She loves the insect costumes and anything that involves pink hair.  She’s recently decided she wants to save up her quarters for a Rapunzel wig.  At $19.97, I think this will be a great lesson on earning and saving!

What Mom Likes:
  • The options.  Costume Discounters has the popular princessy and superhero stuff, of course, but there is a whole lot more.  80s costumes (and other period costumes), including this Rockstar outfit.  Animals.  Occupational dress-up options that would be perfect for preschool/kindergarten.
  • Washability.  The Rockstar costume is handwashable; not one of those wear-once-and-throw-away deals.  It does bleed, so I have to wash it separately, but it’s quick to wash and dries fairly rapidly.  It has stood up pretty well to quite a number of washings already.
  • Sizing.  The size runs just a tad bit big in our case.  I ordered Esmé’s current size, and it will continue to fit her for some time.
  • Durability.  This is the type of outfit she can wear to the store without me worrying about how flimsy it looks.  It’s obviously a costume, but has withstood a bit of outdoor play… :)

Thanks to Costume Supercenter for providing the Rockstar Child Costume for us to review!  We are not being paid for this review, and all opinions are our own…


ShEiLa said...

YOU really got some awesome photos of Miss Esme in this costume. I didn't know it was a costume... until I stumbled upon this post I missed before the last one.

Very cute!