Monday, September 5, 2011

Dreamin’ Big…

Happy Labor Day, folks! 

Just wanted to do a little traffic directing and point you over to The Homeschool Village today, where we talk about Preschool:  Dreaming Big!  Head on over there and inspire/amuse us with what your kids want to be when they grow up.

(By the way, I never got around to directing you there for last month’s post:  Preschool 201 Round 2 (Lessons Learned) – so do check that one out if you’re interested in some of the do’s and don’ts we garnered from last year’s experiences…)

Today, our post is about expanding our kiddos’ horizons, acquainting them with different occupations and grounding them in what is really important.  There are some links to preschool-level career studies for you to check out.

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, but didn’t really get into over at HSV is the “Homemaker” movement that seems to be sweeping the homeschool community – raising our girls to be “homemakers” instead of encouraging them into college and external careers.  Part of me wants to cheer it on; the other part cringes.

I am all for raising homemakers.  I love that Esmé takes it for granted that she’ll be a wife and mamma someday.  I know this is a highest of callings – I don’t want her to feel pressured to be less of this in favor of following some other career.  I’m working to ensure she has basic housekeeping and management skills.

But – being a homemaker is not a uniform.  It doesn’t mean cooking and canning and gardening and sewing all the day long.  Each home is unique, as unique as its maker.  We all balance our lives differently; serve our families and our community differently; have our one-of-a-kind communion with God.

Rock Star

When I ask Esmé what she wants to be someday, she never answers “homemaker” – but that’s not because she doesn’t want to be one.  It’s because it’s a given.  There are a few other “givens” I want to instill in her.  To share Jesus.  To serve others.  To do her best.

Now the options – those are endless.  Today she is all about being a ballet teacher and a doctor.  Tomorrow it might be something else.  My job as a mom and teacher is to provide the foundation for her to be ANYTHING God calls her to be.

That’s me.  I’m open to learning more.  How do YOU feel about the homemaker movement?


ShEiLa said...

I feel that an education is most important... and only the person can decide what depth of education he/she will need.

I never went to college or university... I don't have a degree. I was and am a homemaker. I did have a need to work out of the home when my children were in school... did I make all of the right decisions... maybe not. But I have two daughters that graduated from university with business degrees this year... and I am most grateful and most proud... they are different from their Mother... and the differences are good.


Becca said...

How do I feel about the homemaker movement? I feel it's my job to prepare my girls for whatever God's plan is for them. I was not raised to be a homemaker and that made my journey of being one much harder. So I am be very conscious of teaching homemaker skills. My husband and I feel our job as parents is to make sure future options are not eliminated by lack of prep. I don't know if my Junior is heading to a 4-year university, but we are working to make sure it's an option if God leads that way.

Prasti said...

i didn't even realize there was a homemaker movement :).

i agree with your post, and i also like what becca said about making sure future options [for our kids] are not eliminated by lack of prep.

i am teaching my daughter homemaker skills (she naturally excels in this area more so than her older and younger brother). but i also think getting an education is very important, and will most certainly contribute to managing a successful home. i think for us, the most important thing is that all of our kids will grow up to serve Jesus and follow his lead. does that mean all of them will go to college or have a high-profile career? i don't know. maybe some of them. maybe none of them. all we can do is prepare them for what God calls them to do.