Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sylvan Dell: Ready, Set… WAIT!

If you haven’t read any Sylvan Dell books to your kids yet, you are missing a treat.  Each book we’ve looked at is beautifully illustrated, with educational content and lots of extension ideas at the back of the book.  Perfect for homeschooling science or just spending quality time with your kids.
Did I mention their eBook option?  Esmé has thoroughly enjoyed paging through their books online with the audio turned on – especially nice when I don’t have time to read to her!

imageSo…  when I found out they are offering Ready, Set…WAIT! for free on their website for the next few days, I thought I’d let you know!  This eBook deals with what coastal animals do before a storm hits, and it’s got the free educational content in the back as well.

Head on over to Sylvan Dell and treat your kids to an educational adventure that ties in perfectly with current events!

Disclaimer:  I do have a Sylvan Dell book we received in exchange for review; coming soon… However, I’m receiving nothing in exchange for this post – just wanted to pass on a great opportunity!