Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: A-Z I Like Animals

imageAs part of our weekly writing work, we are currently working through LightHome Publications’ A-Z I Like Animals Trace Manuscript Penmanship book.  This printable 83-page eBook is filled with lots of writing practice exercises for levels K-Grade1. 

It starts with a series of fun mazes and letter-writing pages, with the letters grouped and introduced by shape (e.g. slant-line, rounded, humped).  The last section – the majority of the book – consists of a coloring page and a writing page for an animal representing each letter of the alphabet.

What We Liked:  My daughter loved the mazes.  They were a fun addition to our writing time, both to do and then to color.

P1020485 (2)

I like the animal tidbits.  Last week her writing page triggered a great discussion about the differences between hares (for H) and rabbits.  And I’m appreciating the reading practice she gets while doing these writing pages.

We both like the alternating pages – writing, then “fun” (maze or coloring), then writing again.  And the reproducible format is a positive as well if you have multiple children.

What We Didn’t Like:  The sheer volume of writing on the letter introduction pages was a bit overwhelming for my daughter, perhaps because she is a little on the young side.  We ended up skipping most of them and moving on to the animal section.  My recommendation to others would be to cut these pages into parts to shorten the assignment.

Rating:  Overall, this gets a 5 out of 5 – a great value for your money.

Thanks to Heart of the Matter for coordinating the review file of this product. 

You can currently acquire the notebook pages through CurrClick for $12.25