Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mission Sunday: Body Verses

imageI heard Marilyn Boyer discuss the Head to Foot Bible Verse Board at a homeschool convention, and when I saw that the verse printouts were available for free download at The Learning Parent, we got busy.

First we did the all-time favorite body-tracing activity.  (Notice my toes have nail polish on – that was New Year’s resolution #21…)
P1020215 (2)

Then Esmé decorated the body tracing.  She was supposed to draw a face and put in the fingers, but she took some artistic liberties that I’m not sure exactly how to describe.  I decided to just go with it for now…
P1020224 (2)

I tacky-tacked it up to the back of her bedroom door and lined up the Bible verse printouts by the appropriate body parts – as much as possible.
P1020227 (2)

So now comes the challenging part, incorporating these verses into discussion and into real life.  We had a little discussion on Romans 12:1 already – Esmé knows a sacrifice is about being dead, so didn’t quite get the concept of “living sacrifice.”