Monday, January 24, 2011

Froggy Plays Guitar…

…or Preschool Music stuff
P1020267 (2)_picnik

There are all kinds of studies that show music has a positive effect on math and science and reading and SAT-taking skills.  Plus, it can be just plain fun, so it’s a perfect fit for preschoolers, methinks.

My mom taught elementary school music classes and piano lessons.  She put together quite a few kids’ musicals.  We’re hoping her many talents have skipped a generation and will manifest themselves in Esmé.

Me?  I was rejected during high school choir tryouts – and there wasn’t exactly competition.  I don’t even sing in the shower.  Just sayin’ – if I can sing the kiddie songs, anyone can…

As I was saying, my mom has the expertise.  I’ve got the guitar-playing -teaching preschooler.  So we pooled together our thoughts to come up with a list of preschool music ideas.  You can find them over at The Homeschool Village today.


Annette W. said... musical talent here either, but I still sing to my kids! Hopefully tone-deafness cannot be taught!

ShEiLa said...

I love froggies! Real, stuffed, plastic... love em all. Especially ones that play the guitar.