Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review: Rain Dance

As the mom-blog world mourns two-year-old Bryson Ross's death today, I'm reminded of what an awesome privilege and gift it is to be a mother.

Joy DeKok, in her book Rain Dance, adds some depth to understanding that gift.
Rain Dance is a 348-page contemporary Christian women's fiction book published by Sheaf House, with a list price of $12.99. To find out more, check out

In addition to coaching other authors, author Joy DeKok has written several children's books, fulfilling a dream of hers that began when she was four. She and her husband enjoy the kids in their lives by spending time riding on their Jon Deere Gator, walking in the woods, or sitting down by the bullfrog bog watching the dragonflies and red-winged blackbirds who live in their cattail patch. Joy also reads to kids who visit, fixes root beer floats, and listens to their dreams.

Here's the publisher's summary of Rain Dance: "Jonica and Staci meet in a doctor's office at a critical turning point in each of their lives. Jonica is ending unsuccessful infertility treatments and accepting the death of her dream of having children. Staci is scheduling the termination of her pregnancy so she can further her dream of a career in law. As the two young women tentatively reach out to each other, they forge a most unlikely friendship that will forever transform their future."

My Review

This is a pro-life book, but it is so much more than that. It touches on so many issues, not just the ethics of abortion and fertility treatments. It deals with the value of life, Christian judgmentalism, women's lib, empty politics, postpartum depression, family relationships, and the role of husbands and wives. It touches on Down syndrome, of particular interest to me because I work with people who have disabilities.

Ultimately, this is a story of unfathomable grace and mercy. There is no judgment to be found here, and I can honestly recommend the book to any reader of any background.

The author writes in first person and switches between the two women's perspectives throughout the book to provide an easy-to-follow and well-balanced view of the storyline.

In a way, Jonica's story is author Joy's story, and you can sense the connection with the writer in the book. I can truly empathize better now with those dealing with infertility. And I'm reminded to treasure each moment I have with my little girl - to love those rain dances...

And what's amazing is that Joy is able to write a book that presents not only her side, but the side of the woman who has voluntarily terminated her pregnancy, with empathy and understanding.

The powerfully-moving story ends with a dance in God's cleansing rain as the characters celebrate His mercy and love.

Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotion for the review copy of this book. If you're interested in winning a copy, check out Winning Readings for a giveaway.


Amber said...

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the wonderful review of Joy's book. It has touched many people this month, and I hope your readers will consider purchasing it.

You can find a trailer at this book's website

Happy Holidays everyone!


sheila said...

Great review!

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