Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks: Days 13-17

We've been thankful, all right... Just not every day. But Mommy says not to let our self-imposed guilt-trip keep us from getting back on the bandwagon of 30 Days of Thanks...

See, here's our 30 Days of Thanks calendar as of today. It kind of stops right at Day 12... Actually, I stuck a horn of plenty under Day 13, but Mommy didn't follow my lead.
So let's backtrack to Day 12. We went shopping to fill up a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. (You can still join in this week, by the way. Just follow the link to find out how.)

But I didn't want to put anything in the box. I wanted it for myself! See this cool moose I picked out! I didn't want to give it to some other little girl...
Plus, Mommy hasn't found the wrapping paper yet, so she hasn't been able to make the box all pretty yet. Perfectionism getting in the way of progress again...
Moving on...

Day 13 Mommy was sick. She was "burping up." That sounds ever so much more sophisticated than "throw up," don't you think?

So I had to slave away vacuuming and such.
Day 14 I hung out with lots of church friends. It was so much fun I don't like going home anymore. I just want to go to church all the time. Whenever we drive into the driveway I tell Mommy we need to go back to wherever we came from.

Day 15 I spent doing "igloo and Inuit" stuff for "I" school. More on that later.

Day 16 I went to daycare since Mommy was working all day. I did two book reviews, in the evening - Mommy will get those posted just now.

And now we're on Day 17... Mommy's gonna go to work again, so I'm not sure what we're gonna do.

But we ARE thankful. Here's my list for the day:
  • Washing my toes
  • Washing my tummy and my belly button
  • Washing my toes with BUBBLES
  • Mommy
  • Flamey (the cat)
  • Babies in bubbles
Mommy's Note: If you're interested in playing along with 30 Days of Thanks, link up at From the Heart of My "Haus"


Amy said...

This is a neat idea.. Did you make that calendar your self?

Conny said...

glad you got us caught up on the events of the last few days. ALl sounds good - well, except for the "burping up" stuff!! :(

ShEiLa said...

When it comes to vomiting...

tossing your cookies sounds delightful... but it is so not.

I hope all is well now and that the burping up has come to a halt.

I am especially thankful for steamy bathrooms... with all the sickness about I am headed for a medicated steamy shower right now.